You have one week after received an instrument for final decide.

If the instrument doesn’t meet your expectations, you may return it and I will refund full amount (except shipping costs).


Oboe d’amore after J.Poerschmann

a’ = 415 Hz
European boxwood

Johann Poerschmann was a famous maker of wind instruments. It was from him that another future renowned maker of classical instruments – J.F. Grundmann – learnt his craft.
Poerschmann was contemporary with J.S. Bach, he also lived in Leipzich, and was closely associated with that famous composer’s circle. He was a bassoonist in the musical group of the famous cantor, and godfather of Johann Christian Hoffmann, who was Bach’s friend and collaborator. Therefore, I am convinced that the oboes d’amore used for performing Bach’s works were the ones made by Poerschmann, not by Eichentopf, which are most frequently used nowadays.
I am the only oboe maker who makes copies of Poerschmann’s oboe d’amore from the National Museum in Poznan, (Poland).

A bocal and a softcase are included.



Oboe in c by George Goulding, London

made ca.1790
Plays very well at a’= 430 Hz !
Playable scale: c1 – f3 !

Rare instrument – the true Classical oboe, not a copy!

Top and middle joint are stamped: Goulding&Co, the Bell is stamped: Goulding&Co London, Above is illegible sign/emblem (? ).

Because of its pitch, this oboe can be use for professional projects concerts/recordings; with other Classical instruments.

The oboe is after restore (cleaned, oiled, added waxed thread on tenons, etc.).

I sell the instrument together with three finished reeds – oboe is ready to play.

I made reconstruction of staples especially for this instrument (for request I am able to make additional three for free).

This oboe have a very nice sound,very well dynamic range, good intonation and easy response in all registers.

I can send sound samples.


Oboe after Jakob Denner

a’=415 Hz
African Blackwood

The tone is warm, but at the same time powerful. Very big dynamic range.

I made this baroque oboe from 16 years seasoned Blackwood, so this is extremely stable instrument.

Keys are from genuine bronze. Bronze is more resistant than brass and also does not tarnish and does not emit unpleasant odor over time.

The oboe is oiled and ready to play.

Softcase, fingering chart, and of course staple are included.

3 years warranty.

Sound sample – for request.