You have one week after received an instrument for final decide.

If the instrument doesn’t meet your expectations, you may return it and I will refund full amount (except shipping costs).


Copy of Stanesby junior oboe

Made from very rare Vera wood (latin name- Bulnesia sarmientoi).
pitch a’=415 Hz

Bulnesia is a very hard wood similar to African blackwood. Give very nice sound, and has a nice smell.

Price: $ 2,200




Copy of Poerschmann oboe d’amore

Made from 20 years seasoned European boxwood (!)
Pitch a’=415 Hz

Price: $ 2,350




Oboe Stanesby junior, a’=415 Hz

Made of 15 years old seasoned sycamore wood.
3 years warranty.
Nice warm and round tone and excellent intonation.
It is easy to play all registers of the scale of the instrument.

Price: $ 900