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  1. I have been playing Filip’s copy of the wonderful Küss oboe for four month now. The first piece I performed was the Kalliwoda Concertino at 438Hz which fully tested its range and capabilities and have been playing it in opera performances of Rossini and Donizetti. The tone quality of the instrument is beautiful and remarkably even throughout the range. The wood is also beautiful. It responds well in piano and forte and is remarkably malleable in most situations.

    I also played it once at 430Hz and it was also very stable in intonation. The response changed significantly, and the sound also changed in character, but these changes were not negative, only different. It only took a few minutes to adjust.

    Overall I am incredibly impressed with the quality of the oboe and am delighted to have this incredibly useful and versatile instrument in my collection. i suspect it will be one of the oboes I play most frequently on the concert platform. Thank you, Filip!

  2. Peter Thiering

    I’ve bought a Denner oboe from Filip last month in boxwood as an experienced recorder player. I have also a recorder from him since last spring, and it is a miracle to play. The lower register is strong, and the instrument is extremely well tuned.
    I began playing a double-reeded woodwind just now, I had previous reed-experience only with a czech clarinet a decade ago, but the oboe he made for me was an instant pleasure for me, all the notes were in tune after I got how to make a sound with that kind of reed! Highly recommended maker, it worth the money and also the time.
    Thank You, Filip!

  3. Michel Rosset

    J’ai reçu il y a quelques jours (le jour de mon anniversaire !) le hautbois Denner en grenadille (African blackwood) de Filip Frydrysiak.
    Quel somptueux cadeau d’anniversaire ! Un instrument merveilleux de facture irréprochable, une richesse de sonorité, une facilité de jeu et une perfection d’intonation à faire rêver.

    Mais attention ! Quand on a dans les mains un instrument pareil, on ne peut plus s’arrêter de jouer et l’on aurait tendance à oublier la prudence requise pour le rodage d’un hautbois neuf… Bref, je ne peux que me joindre au concert de louanges que l’on découvre dans la rubrique commentaires de ce magnifique site internet.

    Bravo et merci Filip

  4. Federico Daniele

    Salve! Ho comprato da poco una copia Denner prodotto da Filip. Lo strumento è bellissimo,in legno di pero,e mi aiuta moltissimo a migliorare perché l’intonazione é perfetta e l’emissione dei suoni è facile su tutta l’estensione. Inoltre Filip è stato di grande aiuto e di una disponibilità e gentilezza uniche. Grazie Filip!

  5. Andrew Leitza

    I recently purchased a Poerschmann oboe d’amore from Filip. He was very responsive, helpful, and informative when answering my questions. His website provides a lot of useful information regarding his instruments, their care, and his philosophy as a craftsman. The instrument itself is beautifully crafted with a lovely sound, great tuning, and easy to play! I am very happy with it, and looking forward to playing on it for upcoming performances. I would highly recommend his instruments to anyone looking to purchase a quality historical oboe.

  6. I can only agree with all the other comments. I now own a Stanesby simple and a Poerschmann oboe d’amore, and I’m delighted. The instruments are easy playing, their intonation is lovely, and they blend beautifully into the baroque ensembles I play with. And, not only is Filip an excellent craftsman, he’s always ready to answer questions and give advice.

  7. Simon Cohen

    About a year ago I bought a Grundmann (430hz) oboe from Filip. It is a beautiful instrument and I have enjoyed learning to play it. Filip is always supportive and helpful and his website shows his love and dedication as well as spiritual insights into instrument making. I have just ordered his Paulhahn copy and Filip is , as before, helpful with all enquiries and concerns along the way. He is a great artisan and deserves to be widely recognised.

  8. Dan Schwartz

    Filip is an expert instrument maker and an absolute joy to work with! I recently ordered a gorgeous cocobola Baroque oboe-415, and it simply a joy to play. Great tuning, ease and consistency of color, amd the craftsmanship is top notch.

    Beyond the horn, of which my praise could go on for awhile, I would like to impress how terrific it was to work with Filip. As a university professor in the US, there are a lot of unusual hurdles to jump through to make an instrument purchase. Filip was patient, gracious, and understanding throughout the whole transaction, and I would recommend to anyone buying a horn to go with Filip!

    Thank you Filip, for your terrific instrument, and for your help. I know we will return as customers soon!
    Dan Schwartz
    Professor of Oboe

  9. Joseba Berrocal

    I already have a recorder & 3 oboes by Filip, and the 4th (a Stanesby-Simple-440) is coming. I am so conviced with his instruments!

    I like several things on, for example, my Stanesby-Simple-415:

    .- The low C and the middle C# are absolutely in tune.

    .- The second fingering for the middle C# (467) has a fantastic tone. I use it even on long notes.

    .- The high Ab has a beautiful sound, very in tune and blended with the A and G.

    .- The balance between low B and H is perfect.

    .- Last but not least, I like very much the sweet and dull tone of the sycamore wood. Easy and perfect for chamber music.

    A real pleasure to play this instruments, and to listen them.

  10. I have just received an eight keyed Floth Oboe from Filip Frydrysiak, made of Pear wood, it is a gorgeous instrument! Very well made in every detail, I could play with a much better intonation since day one. I’m very satisfied, thanks from the heart Filip!

  11. Louis Zeekaf

    Dear Filip,

    Your website is very nice with interesting information about your instruments. I agree with your opinion that a replica should have all the characteristics of the original. Could you inform me about the delivery time for a Weigel english horn? Thanks! Greetings, Lou Zeekaf.

  12. Peter Maddigan

    I am the owner of three instruments made by Filip Frydrysiak – a Stanesby simple model, an oboe d’amore after Poerschmann and an oboe da caccia after Weigel with both da caccia and cor anglais bells.

    Each instrument is made with the skill of a true craftsman and has a round, full tone. The intonation of each of these oboes is excellent. In particular, the Stanesby simple model blends well with the voice. I have received many compliments from other musicians about these instruments.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Frydrysiak’s instruments. It is always a pleasure dealing with him and he is always happy to answer any questions I may have.

  13. Olga Kuznetsova

    I’ve bought the oboe of Filip Frydrysiak (Stanesby simple model) about one year ago and I can say that I am completely satisfied with this instrument. Good intonation, soft sound, easiness of playing – the oboe is really excellent. Its sound perfectly merges with the sound of strings so the instrument is ideal for ensembles and orchestral works.
    Taking into consideration the price of the oboe – it is a miracle!
    Highly recommend!

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