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Baroque oboe d’amore after Johann Poerschmann | a’=415 Hz

Olive wood. Oboe d’amore from olive sounds as good as a plum wood and moreover it is harder than plum.
So far I have made 4 oboe d’amore out of olive wood. I consider it to be one of the best woods for making oboe d’amore – it gives a very rich sound and almost as loud as African blackwood or cocobolo, although round; it’s easy to play.
Spectacular wood pattern.
3 years warranty

2000 USD


Original oboe by George Goulding.

The instrument was made c. 1790


This oboe is made of boxwood and has four original bone rings. No cracks. Two silver keys . On the underside of the large key there is a J.W signature – probably the keys manufacturer’s mark. All three joints are stamped “Goulding & Co.”

Pitch – 430Hz.

Oboes for sale from this period are very rare.