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Grundmann - pear wood

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Type:  Classical oboe in C
Model:  Jakob Friedrich Grundmann
Area:  Dresden
Period/date:  1784
Keys:  2
Range:  c1 – f3
Pitch:  430 Hz or 440 Hz
Wood:  maple, sycamore, pear wood, cherry wood, peach wood, European boxwood



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1727-1800, Dresden

Jakob Friedrich Grundmann was a renowned master of his times, whose fame reached not only the German territories of that day, but also many other European countries. He was J. Poerschmann’s pupil. It is supposed that the favourite Mozart’s oboist, Friedrich Ramm could have played on Grundmann’s instruments. The sound of Grundmann’s oboes is naturally round, smooth and pure; clear.
My copies of Grundmann’s oboes, just like the originals, possess a very large dynamic scale.
It is possible to play on them a beautiful delicate piano, but when it is necessary, their forte can break through the entire orchestra. It is quite easy to achieve a very melodious sound playing on Grundmann’s oboes.

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