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Paulhahn / Limited edition

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Paulhahn - boxwood ($ 3,000)

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Type:  Baroque oboe in C
Model:  Paul Paulhahn
Area:  most likely Nuremberg, Germany
Period/date:  circa 1720
Keys:  3
Range:   c1 – d#3
Pitch:  415Hz
Wood: maple wood, wild cherry wood, planted cherry wood, wild pear wood, genuine plum wood, peach wood, European boxwood, African blackwood


ca. 1720
The only one preserved original of the oboe is in possession of Nikolaus Harnoncourt.
Unfortunately almost nothing is known about the maker, exept that he worked in Germany, the most probably in the area of Nurenberg. It is known however, that he left an instrument in many respects exceptional, having a special position among the baroque oboes.

The instrument has an exeptional ability to express a variety of moods. It has a characteristic intensive and rich sound. Having mastered the instrument, one can obtain an unusual melodicity and dynamic range, from gentle, warm piano to brilliant forte, filling the largest halls. A very original feature of its appearance are the fine ornaments, some of which are only 0,3 mm width.
A specificity of this oboe is its ability to reflect to a great extent, an individual character and skills of the player. It is says, that Paulhahn oboe is so good as player who play it…
The greatest baroque oboist of our time, Jürg Schäftlein, was play original Paulhahn oboe. Many incredibly recordings with him and Nikolaus Harnoncourt, we can hear for today.
Original was made from boxwood.

Today we know also traverso d’amore by Paulhahn. It is in possession of private collector in Frankfurt. The flute is also very special instrument for many reasons. This prooves that Paulhahn was a high quality maker and great individualist.


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