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Stanesby / peach wood

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Type:  Baroque oboe in C
Model:  Thomas Stanesby Junior
Area:  London
Period/date:  circa 1730
Keys:  2
Range:  c1 – d#3
Pitch:  392 Hz, 415 Hz , 440 Hz
Wood:  sycamore, pear, cherry, peach, boxwood, wild pear wood


Thomas Stanesby Jr., 1692 – 1754, London
A two-key oboe.
The instruments made in Thomas Stanesby’s Sr. (1668-1734) and Jr. workshop were ones of the most excellent in England of the Baroque period. Today, the copies of the oboes made by T. Stanesby Sr. and his son are the most frequently used copies of  Baroque oboes. A lot of original instruments made by the Stanesbys have survived to this day. The sound of the Stanesbys’ oboes is quite open and it is easy to produce both the lowest sounds and the top of the scale on them. The distinctive feature of these instruments is quite strong and sure sound of fork fingering notes from the first octave, even if the reed is not too good.

I also make, on request, three-key copies of oboes according to T. Stanesby Sr.